I run a fairytale-themed jewelry shop on Etsy, and in order to participate in craft fairs I designed and constructed an adaptable display system in collaboration with my family. 

The main elements are a set of wooden boards with clips for holding small bagged jewelry items. These boards are adaptable for three settings:

1) An eye-level standalone display which encourages potential customers to step in to my display space and interact with the jewelry, the posters explaining the process of my craftsmanship, and the rack of handpainted silks.

2) Walls which attach to the edges of my canopy tent, which perform the same function but are not standalone, and which help to make the tent feel like its own room. The canopy setup also features battery-operated lights attached to the roof, illuminating the display boards.

3) Sliding trays for my workbench. When the boards are not in use for an event, they function as drawers for inventory management in my home.
The tabletop display uses an ordinary folding banquet table with a collapsable wooden topper. The topper is open in the back, allowing me to store personal items and my credit card reader out of sight but within each reach.

The display pieces on the tabletops are a mix of store-bought and handcrafted. I cut the displays out using a scrollsaw. I also have several lookbooks available for visitors to see photos of my models wearing the jewelry. The jewelry on this tabletop is secured to the displays since it is in reach of small children.
For events with larger exhibit spaces, I use an additional card table with a mirror and further display pieces for the wedding and costume headpieces I create. I also painted a fabric banner with a fairytale scene, so that visitors can try on one of the headpieces and use the banner as a photobooth. I encourage them to post their selfies with a searchable hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, and other outlets.

In some situations I use the additional table to display illustrations and books for sale instead.

In well-monitored situations where I am not concerned about shoplifting, I also use some pieces of amethyst to display jewelry and give additional ambiance. 
Most of the displays are designed to collapse completely and be fully portable on a dolly. In cases where I have help to set up, I may bring a set of unfinished cabinets with installed lights to set on top of the table.
In years past, my craft fair display consisted of simple boxes laid out on a table under a canopy. Since implementing these display elements, which encourage visitors to step into my booth and view goods at eye level, I've seen an increase in sales and interaction. 
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